Student Resources

Here you will find useful information and videos to help you work on your skills.

Sample Lessons

Alexander Lie Down Technique

At times during these short introductory lessons, we will be slowing down the pace to give you time to become aware of subtle co-ordination habits and choices.

Audio-Guided Lie Down

To skip the introduction, scroll forward and start at 3:14, 
For a shorter lie down, start at 6:15.

Performance Skills and Stage Dialects

Estill Voice Training®

Lessac Voice and Body System

Alexander Technique

Hatha Yoga

Reference Material

Use effects Function: Steve Balsamo. Gethsemane 2004

Use effects Function: Steve Balsamo. Gethsemane 1997

Use effects Function: Kelli O’Hara

Use effects Function: Cecile McLorin Savant

Use effects Function: Dan Vasc

Use effects Function: Lady Gaga

Carmen – The Flower Song (Jonas Kaufmann, The Royal Opera)

Performance Anxiety: The Loser’s Club

Creativity and Play: John Cleese

“All great performance, as with every other great art, is in essence very simple: Just being there, seeing, breathing, listening and letting yourself respond in a fresh and spontaneous way. The secret to any performance is to prepare yourself in such a way that this becomes possible and you are no longer in the way which prevents natural spontaneity; so that you are no longer performing but rather the performance comes through you.”