Coordination, Balance, Speed, Focus, Flexibility,
and Strength without Strain for


Benefits for Athletes

  • Naturally access better balance, speed, flexibility, strength, endurance, and good form
  • Understand how you might be getting in your own way
  • Learn ways to prevent injury and achieve better results
  • Improve the functioning and coordination of your whole body
  • Increase the efficiency of your breathing
  • Augment and efficiently use physical energy
  • Address coordination problems
  • Address repetitive strain injuries and learn strategies to avoid reinjury
  • Improve your mental focus, calmness, and clarity to get in the zone


Benefits for Equestrians

  • Increase awareness of how your whole body contributes to the success of your riding
  • Effectively communicate with the horse by learning what your body use is saying
  • Experience
    • an easy ,effortless upright posture
    • soft hands
    • a hip, leg, and heel connection
    • a balanced, firm, and flexible seat
  • Use your body weight to change gaits or stop the horse
  • Turn the horse easily
  • Achieve graceful 2 point balance
  • Feel effortless balance and timing on the horse for jumping
  • Release your hands and shoulders so communication through the reins is increasingly effective and calming to the horse
  • Move freely and confidently with the horse
  • Find a calm, centered mental and emotional state, in which you can calm the horse, listen to the horse, get its attention, and make clear decisions
  • Recover from or prevent a repetitive stress injury
  • Gain useful tips on how to use your body with less strain in performing barn tasks
  • Learn tactics that help you handle performance anxiety for competitions/shows
  • On the horse, which allows you to learn as you ride and enjoy your horse’s response to your increased physical freedom
  • In the classroom, which allows you to focus on your skills and discover coordination that you can apply when riding