Expression, Confidence,
Comfort, and Mobility
Onstage and in Daily Life

Do you have vocal, physical, or creative challenges?

You can help yourself by asking, “What happens to me when I do this activity? What happens when I choose how to do this? Which choices bring out my best?”
I teach practical and creative methods that refine your awareness of how you’re organizing yourself in activities and remove interference with your natural reflexes. Through this process, you’ll discover new coordination choices that expand your vocal, physical, and expressive possibilities. I use these methods to develop my own potential, and I’ve taught hundreds of people who have successfully used them to achieve their physical, vocal, and artistic goals. This kind of learning is transforming. It’s empowering. And it works.

Methods of Study

"These skills are for everyone: actors, dancers, musicians, teachers, lawyers, public speakers and anyone else who considers increased self-awareness and more efficient use of the body and breath to be valuable tools for life and healthier living."

Alexander Technique

Discover new vocal and physical possibilities, enjoy movement, free your voice, and experience calm energy by learning how to stop interfering with your body’s natural coordination. This gentle, pleasurable, and effective way of working with yourself unlocks your potential and improves how you function in any activity.

Feldenkrais Method®

Effortlessly explore movement options with this creative method that expands your physical self-image, teaches your brain new ways of coordinating movement, and increases both your physical satisfaction and range of ease.

Estill Voice Training®

Discover the possibilities of your speaking and singing voice by learning how the voice works, how different singing styles are produced, and how to confidently feel and access a variety of healthy and expressive vocal choices that work for you.

Lessac Voice and Body System

Develop a healthy, resonant, and articulate speaking voice that you love. Explore the enjoyable resonance and musical eloquence of the spoken word while training your voice and body in this system based on the principle that A Good Voice Feels Good.

Performance Skills

Create the conditions that enable you to confidently perform at your best. Improve your believability, expressiveness, and effectiveness through proven acting techniques.

Hatha Yoga

Nurture yourself with breath-based Hatha Yoga. Classic yoga asanas develop strength, flexibility, balance, and the ability to be fully present. Enveloping your movements with yogic breath synchronizes your mind and body into an enjoyable state of calm focus and centered being.

“Man, so used to using his fingers or his lips or his tongue to play other instruments, seldom thinks of what he uses to “play” himself.”