What is the Lessac System?

When you talk do you feel like you’re singing?
When you walk do you feel like you’re dancing?
Lessac “Kine-sensic” training joyously develops the health, beauty, power, and expressiveness of your body and voice.

“A good voice is not an elusive and undependable gift; with correct training you can have a voice that will always function well in any situation.”

With the Lessac System, you can:


  • Easily and organically access different amounts and types of physical energy
  • Pleasurably work with your body to increase your access to power, speed, effortlessness, and expressiveness
  • Instantly access emotion for the stage through physical choices
  • Enhance your physical confidence
  • Learn to listen and care for yourself by working with your body’s inner “wisdom”


  • Develop the health, resonance, range, power, and beauty of your voice
  • Be guided by the vibratory sensations that are signs of a healthy voice
  • Reveal your unique vocal resonance and expressiveness through a system that teaches through sensation as opposed to imitation
  • Use familiar sensory experiences and creative explorations to develop vocal skill (There are no drills or rote exercises in Lessac training!)
  • Discover a creative, organic, and spontaneous emotional connection to text (The Lessac System treats the text as music that you can explore for rhythmic, resonance, and interpretive possibilities.)
  • Be inspired by the limitless expressive possibilities of words by recognizing and “playing” their inherent musicality
  • Transform stage fright into performance energy
  • Relish the dynamic and expressive rhythmic nature of word sounds so that you never need to worry about articulation and intelligibility issues

Actors, Singers, Teachers, Coaches,
Preachers, and Public Speakers:

Many professions require prolonged and athletic vocal use. Through vocal training, you can become a vocal athlete with healthy vocal stamina, and a powerful, effortless, enjoyable, and attractive speaking voice that expressively and honestly conveys your thoughts, feelings, and personality.

What is the Lessac System?

The Lessac Voice and Body System develops the health and power of your voice and body through sensory-based “Kine-sensic” training. Creative vocal and physical explorations and the use of familiar experiences increase your sensory awareness and empower you to joyously develop new resonant and expressive possibilities.

"(Diane) doesn't simply teach the work, she uses it, lives it, and applies it to her own healthfulness and her own continued improvement as a teacher and artist...Diane's deep familiarity with a variety of approaches within voice and speech include singing, science, and therapy of the voice, not to mention other voice systems. She definitely has an "all around training." I can wholeheartedly give you my full support for Diane Gaary."
Arthur Lessac
"As a drama director, every season I would lose my voice. I mentioned this to Diane and she asked if I wanted to try the Lessac System. Using Lessac, I haven't lost my voice for ten years. The cast said "but it's a tradition. You always lose your voice before the week of the show!" My response was “The Lessac System works like an antioxidant for my voice!"
Valerie Nutter
"She always encouraged me to find my own voice without any pressure or force and to have a carefree spirit about it and search with a childlike curiosity within myself to feel. I would encourage anyone to study and explore with her. It is a gift to learn from Diane Gaary."
Robin Carr