Skill, Expression, Ease, and Mobility
On Stage and  in Daily Life


What happens in an Alexander Technique or Feldenkrais Method® lesson for Performers?


  • Benefit from expert audition preparation
  • Prepare a vocally or physically challenging role
  • Build Confidence
  • Experience relief from performance anxiety
  • Improve coordination, strength, and balance
  • Learn a stage dialect or lose an accent
  • Access emotional availability and expressiveness
  • Experience effortless posture and balance
  • Increase Breath control and vocal range, resonance, articulation, and vocal health
  • Become aware of vocal and physical habits that limit your expressiveness and castablity
  • Embody stage presence


  • Improve balance
  • Increase strength
  • Gain flexibility
  • Increase awareness of your movement habits
  • Work with the body’s natural coordination
  • Learn strategies to recover quickly from injury and avoid injury
  • Prolong dancing career


  • Access full breath and breath control
  • Uncover your natural coordination and ease of motion
  • Increase the expressiveness of your playing
  • Find relief from performance anxiety
  • Discover and learn to undo unconscious habits
  • Learn strategies that help prevent and recover from repetitive stress issues
  • Learn how the use of your whole body can support the movement of other body parts
  • Address arm, hand, neck, back, and embouchure issues
  • Increase stamina


  • Improve posture, balance, coordination, strength, and stamina
  • Improve breathing, resonance, vocal range, vibrato, coloratura etc
  • Improve concentration, expressiveness, and emotional availability.
  • Address vocal problems
  • Recognize and remove unconscious habits
  • Discover how your whole body can support your singing experience
  • Learn skills that help you recover from & avoid injury
  • Learn to release chronic tensions in your jaw, tongue, shoulders, etc.
  • Address chronic pain issues
  • Increase your confidence and stage presence
  • Decrease performance tension and manage stress
  • Improve Vocal Health by Training Your Speaking Voice
  • Learn to use your speaking voice in a healthy manner
  • Learn how you can healthily produce different singing styles and vocal effects