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Athletes & Equestrians

"Diane is an inspiring teacher and consummate professional, open hearted and generous..... a bright spirit…She has a special knack for listening to the student's particular needs and coming up with a very customized approach that is creative and effective...and her pacing is exquisitely attuned to the student's frustration tolerance and learning capacity. Finally, she is willing to do whatever it takes to make the sessions useful and I came to see her as a resource for a wide variety of physical issues from back pain and the fear of reinjuring myself to sitting at the computer and peak performance training for surfing and backpacking.  

She is a force."


~Ira Orchin, Ph.D/surfer/Hiker



"With each passing day the shoulder and neck pain I thought were just going to be a fact of life have been dissipating.

Once again, Diane’s work with me has really changed things enormously. I am able, more and more, to let go of my shoulders and neck (I’m really shocked at just how much I have been trying to hold them in place) and with each passing day the shoulder and neck pain I thought were just going to be a fact of life have been dissipating. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for her help."


~Brian Duane, cyclist/singer

"Hi Diane!  The trip was great!! I did so well and AT helped so much."

~Lizzie S.


Athletes want peak physical performance. Optimize your performance by increasing awareness of how you coordinate yourself to do your sport. Discover a form that works with the body’s natural co-ordination, and how freedom from muscular tension is just as important as how strenuously or how often you exercise. I have worked with athletes on horseback riding, running, swimming, tennis, golf, basketball, weight lifting, competitive dancing, yoga, football, softball, hiking/backpacking, skiing, surfing, and many other sports.  Whether you work out, stretch, run, swim, play a match, or participate on a team, learning about your movement habits and choices can help you achieve optimal performance, avoid injury, and continue to do what you love for years to come.

With Study, Athletes Can:


  • Naturally access better balance, speed, flexibility, strength, endurance, and good form using the principles of efficient movement

  • Understand how you might be “getting in your own way”

  • Learn ways to prevent injury and gain better results

  • Improve the functioning and coordination of your whole body

  • Increase the efficiency of your breathing

  • Augment and efficiently use physical energy

  • Address coordination problems such as Arm, neck, back, hip and leg issues

  • Address repetitive strain injuries and learn strategies to avoid re-injury

  • Improve your mental focus, calmness, and clarity so you can get in “the zone”​

"Diane, it was wonderful.  

Thank you so much for working with Karly (on her riding).  She took in a lot and she has been trying to apply what she learned from you. Looking forward to seeing you again (hopefully soon)!"


~Heather Rothrick, Horseback rider / former student / mother 


Riding is a distinctive sport that depends on communication with a living being of another species. Successful communication between rider and horse is wholly dependent on the rider’s calm, relaxed, decisive, and efficient physical and mental use.  But when riding, attention is often on getting the horse to do what you want it to do, instead of on the physical cues that you’re giving and that the horse is trying to interpret.  Redirecting your focus to your own use will help you to  recognize and release ineffective habits, communicate more effectively with the horse, embody proper form, calm and center yourself so you are confident in your choices, and enjoy your ride even more.

Equestrians can study:


  • On the Horse which allows you to learn as you ride, and enjoy your horse’s response to your increased physical freedom.

  • In the Classroom which allows you to focus on your skills and discover coordination from your head to your toes that you can apply to your riding.


With Study Equestrians Can:


  • Increase awareness of how your whole body contributes to the success of your riding.

  • Effectively communicate with the horse by learning what your own body use is saying       

       (As you focus on your use, you’ll be surprised how much more readily the horse follows your the directions)

  • Experience

    • an easy effortless upright posture

    • soft hands

    • a hip, leg, and heel connection

    • a balanced, firm, and flexible seat

  • Use your body weight to change gaits or stop the horse

  • Turn the horse easily

  • Achieve graceful 2 Point balance

  • Feel effortless balance and timing on the horse for jumping​

  • Release your hands and shoulders so communication through the reins is increasingly effective and calming to the horse

  • Move freely and confidently with the horse

  • Find a calm centered mental and emotional state in which you can calm the horse, listen to the horse, get its attention, and make clear decisions

  • Prevent or recover from a repetitive stress injury

  • Gain useful tips on how to use your body with less strain in performing barn tasks (such as lifting hay, mucking stalls, lifting heavy grain buckets etc.)

  • Learn tactics that help you handle performance anxiety for competitions/shows

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