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Estill Voice Training™

“Everyone Has a Beautiful Voice You just have to know how to use it.”


~Jo Estill

Diane has recently received Estill certification for Figure Proficiency and is currently studying for Estill Master Trainer certification. Stay posted for future developments.

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Estill Voice Training™ teaches you to understand, feel, and access healthy vocal co-ordinations so you can sing and speak with range, power, resonance, and confidence in a variety of vocal styles. 

As a voice and speech specialist, (Diane Gaary)… is, without question, a superior artist and practitioner, a consummate professional and a creative innovator in her field.  I know from first-hand experience that she is extremely capable of bringing out the finest work from her students. She is an inspiring coach and teacher, taking special care to develop a personal and trusting bond with her students, assuring them that they will have access to her throughout a project or class but not coddling or pampering them. Diane knows how to methodically raise the bar and coax her subjects into applying their best efforts to the work at hand.”


~Doug Wager, Artistic Director for Temple Theaters/former Artistic Director of the Arena Stage in Washington, DC

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