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Private Lessons,
Workshops, and Residencies

Each of us has untapped potential for vocal, physical, and creative freedom. In every pursuit, the outcome is largely determined by how you work with yourself.  

What are you capable of...?


Private Lessons
Private lessons are opportunities to receive individual attention and directly address your particular issues and interests.  Depending on their needs and goals, people choose to study for one lesson, take a series of lessons, or make on-going study a part of their lives.

"The very positive results have persisted long after our work was done."


~Ira Orchin, Ph.D/surfer/Hiker​

What can I expect in a Private Lesson?

  • Individual Attention
  • Hour-long lessons
  • A gentle and practical approach
  • In-depth examination of what you want to do and exploration of options to make that activity more successful
  • Monologues, instruments, sports equipment etc… can be a welcome part of your lesson.
  • Payment is accepted in the form of cash or check and is expected at the time of the lesson
  • 24-hour cancellation policy.

When you book a lesson, you are purchasing time.  If you cancel your lesson less than 24  hours before your scheduled appointment, you will be financially responsible for the time that was reserved for you. 

Workshops & Residencies

For Corporations, Groups, and Educational Institutions:

These learning opportunities can be tailored to a group’s interests, size budget, and needs.  Workshops generally are 1 hour – multi-hour experiences.  Residencies can last from a couple of days to a few weeks. The workshops and residencies I teach improve aspects of voice use, body use, presentation skills, and/or acting.  Varying organizations (from medical schools, to riding schools, to teacher’s workshops, to corporations, to actor, instrumentalist, and singer training programs) have used my workshops and residencies to learn new skills, enhance existing skills, gain tools for self-care, acquire continuing education credits, and work towards a specific projects. 



"Diane Gaary is a superb practitioner… she clearly has command of group dynamics and can communicate the meaning of this work verbally and by demonstration in ways that everyone can grasp"


 ~Jan Hammer, College Music Professor


"We brought Diane Gaary to campus to work with the cast of The Wind in the Willows…

 I wish we could … for every cast!"


~Monica Hayes, Professor of Theatre, Head of Performance, The University of Southern Mississippi



"Students who work with Diane are able to move ahead much more quickly and with greater long-term success.

On several occasions, I have invited Diane to address my students as a group (studio class)…This is a highly valuable use of class time, as many of these students are inspired and begin to recognize more clearly, the relationship between the approach to body management and choices of technique while singing."


~Elem Eley, Baritone, Professor of Voice, Westminster Choir College of Rider University


With Workshops and Residencies Your Group Can:

  • Actively involve members of your group by providing useful skills that make work easier and more effective
  • Learn practical skills in an upbeat, participatory and engaging atmosphere
  • Enhance skills in a format that is tailored to meet your institution’s needs
    • Choose group classes, individual lessons or a combination
    • Flexible time frames
    • Adaptable formats accommodate varying size groups
    • Fees depend on the nature of the workshop, the size of group, and the time demands of the workshop or residency

Past workshops and residencies have included:

  • Accent Reduction for ESL
  • Developing The Actor’s Instrument: Body Awareness and Choice in Actor Training
  • Playing Brass Instruments with expressiveness, power, and ease
  • Playing String instruments with expressiveness, power, and ease
  • Toxic Thoughts: What to Think and What to Do to Avoid Performance Anxiety
  • The Duality of Postural Use and Breath Support in the Classical Singing Voice
  • Vocal Ease: Power without Pain, Strength without Strain
  •  Avoiding Repetitive Stress Injury at Work
  • Preparing a Presentation: Presentation Skills for Professional Conferences
  • The Alexander Technique: working with yourself and Fibromyalgia
  • Avoiding Neck and Back Injury while examining and caring for patients
  • Healthy Lifting:  Back Care
  • Jumping: Using your Body to Effectively Communicate with the Horse

“(Diane) is an inspiring coach and teacher, taking special care to develop a personal and trusting bond with her students, assuring them that they will have access to her throughout a project or class but not coddling or pampering them.  Diane knows how to methodically raise the bar and coax her subjects into applying their best efforts to the work at hand.”


~Doug Wager, Artistic Director for Temple Theaters/former Artistic Director of the Arena stage in Washington, DC



"Her patience, presence, and knowledge of the voice were truly wonderful. Diane was the guest teacher at the Irish Teacher training college in Ireland. She worked with all the students with a combination of voice work and Alexander Technique. Her patience, presence, and knowledge of the voice were truly wonderful.  We all hope she returns one day!"


~Richard Brennan – Director of The Alexander Technique Training Center, Galway, Ireland, author of “How to Breathe”

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