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Education & Experience


  • B.A. in Theatre and English, Smith College

  • M.F.A. in Acting, The University of Virginia

  • Certified Voice and Speech Trainer, Lessac Institute for Voice and Body Training

  • Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Feldenkrais Guild of North America®

  • Teacher Certification, The American Society of the Alexander Technique (Am SAT)

  • Post - Graduate Certification, The Carrington Way of Working

  • Certification Estill Figure Proficiency



Additional Training Includes:
  • Classical Singing
  • Numerous Theatrical Voice and Speech Techniques including Cecily Berry, Roy Hart, Edith Skinner, Catherine Fitzmaurice, Kristen Linklater, and more…

  • Dalcroze Eurythmics
  • Sensory Integration Theory
  • 2 years of graduate-level Speech Pathology at the University of Virginia



Professional Affiliations

  • Member of Voice and Speech Trainer’s Association (VASTA)
  • Member of The Association of Movement Educators (ATME)
  • Teaching Member, American Society for the Alexander Technique (Am SAT)
  • Teaching Member, Alexander Technique International (ATI)
  • Teaching Member, Feldenkrais Guild® of North America
  • Teaching Member, The Lessac Institute
  • Estill Voice International

Representative Residencies and Workshops

The University of Florida, Longwood College, Swarthmore College, Graceland College, Beaver College, University of Southern Mississippi, Temple University Ophthalmology Department,  Temple University Nursing School, Temple University Boyer School of Music, Westminster College of the Arts (formerly Westminster Choir College), The Virginia School of Massage, PA School of Massage, Philadelphia International Music Festival, Widner University, The Voice Foundation Care of the Professional Voice Symposium, Alexander Technique Training Center of Virginia, The Alexander Technique Training Center, Galway, Ireland, Alexander Technique World Congress, Freedom to Act Conference, The Lessac Institute Conference, The University of Virginia, Philadelphia Biblical University, TV Guide Magazine, Alexander Technique International Annual General Meeting, Central Dauphin School District, Wilmington Music School, The Alexander Technique Training Center of Virginia, Villanova University
Philosophy of Teaching


It’s never too late to learn what you are capable of…


Each of us has untapped potential for vocal, physical, and creative freedom. We each have aptitudes, talents, and limitations, but in large part, it is how you work with yourself that determines your success. I teach people how to work with themselves and get better results.  Current scientific research supports the idea that the brain can continue to learn and improve throughout your life.  This belief in brain plasticity and life-long learning is at the core of what I teach. I not only teach people skills or facts, I teach people how to teach themselves because they will be learning for many more years without me than with me.

"Students who work with Diane are able to move ahead much more quickly and

with greater long-term success."

~Elem Eley, Baritone, Professor of Voice, Westminster Choir College of Rider University


"(Diane) is an inspiring coach and teacher, taking special care to develop a personal and trusting bond with her students, assuring them that they will have access to her throughout a project or class but not coddling or pampering them. Diane knows how to methodically raise the bar and coax her subjects into applying their best efforts to the work at hand."

Doug Wager, Artistic Director for Temple Theaters/former Artistic Director of the Arena Stage in Washington, DC


2010 - present

2010 - present

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